Ep 18: Critical Thinking with Shawn Levy

In this episode, we were so pleased to be joined by film critic and best-selling author Shawn Levy! Movie fans know Shawn as the longtime film critic of The Oregonian and KGW-TV and the writer of  biographies of celebrities such as Jerry Lewis, Paul Newman and his latest book DeNiro: A Life.


We chopped it up with Shawn about cinema’s fascination with boxing:


why basketball films are so difficult to get made:


and the unique brilliance Robert DeNiro brings to his polar opposite performances in Bang the Drum Slowly and Raging Bull.


We also talk with Shawn about his favorite sports documentaries and he hips us to the inherent danger of being an unauthorized biographer.

You can find DeNiro: A Life and many of Shawn Levy’s other books on Amazon and your local brick and mortar stores. And you should follow him on Twitter @shawnlevy.

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