Ep 30: We Are Not Mistakes

The Butcher Shop is joined by the man who put the Karl in the Karl Show, Karl Sigel, and friend of the program, Darren Spencer for our Holiday Edition: the Dirty 30.


We chop up Portland’s first championship team since 1977 and why some of us care more than others that the Timbers finished on top of the battle between the Hipsters and the Heartlanders. Are the Timbers a MLS Dynasty? Uh, this guy hopes so…

We then chop up the surprisingly sensational Creed…


Err, this Creed!


We talk about the resurrection of one of the most clichéd movie series in the history of cinema by one of the best young filmmakers in Hollywood, Ryan Coogler.  Coogler has made everyone from film critics to Sly Stallone to Jimbizzle true believers that this was a story we needed to see.  Will the Academy show Coogler the respect he deserves or will Johnny have to do a Kanye at the Oscars?

We then spend an inordinate amount of time on the Cleveland Browns as a vehicle to launch Jim and Jason’s rap career. Spoiler: they’re not Eric B. & Rakim and they insist that was their point.

And in our final damn segment of the year we hear way too much about why Jason turned off the Sonics in 1994 and turned on something else. Damn!

See you fools in 2016!


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