Ep 49: Sports, politics, and movies: these are a few of our favorite things…

This week, on the Butcher Shop Podcast, we have the whole gang back together and a very special guest in our good friend and great actor, Matt Nolan.
Matt “the cooler” Nolan talks about the surprising start of the Bills from his native city of Buffalo and whether they’re a real challenge to the AFC East crown.
We then play a rousing game of “Who You Got?” but with an interesting spin of presidential endorsements. The confluence of sports and politics has never been as amplified as it has been in the current race for the White House, and we get Matt’s take on just how meaningful those endorsements can be to a candidate.
Then, to be frank, we just talk politics and lots of it. From Kap to Clinton, to locker room talk, we talk about the incredibly messy 2016 election.
Ending on a lighter note, we get updates on Matt’s life in LA, his acting career and his recent opportunity of a lifetime to act in a huge Hollywood feature written by his talented brother, Ken Nolan.

Check it all out on Episode 49, and please be sure to check out Matt Nolan’s IMDB page. Oh, and please vote…just not for that lout, Donald J. Trump.


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