Ep50: The Big 5-0

Episode 50 is here with…well, as it turns out not even a mention of that fact on the podcast. We were so excited to have a longer shelf life than Cop Rock, that we didn’t even remember that we were welcoming our frequent guest and footballexpert, Ryan Early, to our 50th episode. And we do 50 like we did 1, talking the NFL and its dwindling ratings. We explore all the reasons why with Ryan.nfl_commish
Ryan also gives us his Bottom 5 and Top 5 NFL teams and Jason isn’t too fond of Ryan’s top dog.brady_making_usa-great
Finally, we tell you all the things we were wrong about this NFL season, from the Carolina Panthers, to the Arizona Cardinals, to Todd Gurley. Can any of these people make things right before the season is through? Or are they really who we thought they were?


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