Ep 52: McGregor v Mayweather…and (sigh) how ’bout dem Cowboys!

Conor McGregor applies for his license to box in the state of California and the sports world is abuzz with anticipation of super match between Mystic Mac and Money May. Team Quest’s Aaron Hall joins us live from the gym to chop up the possibility of this dream match.McGregor vs Mayweather

Will we see this fight? Who wins? Do we have to wait till 2019 to see it in Los Angeles’ 2.9 billion dollar stadium?

Then our fourth mic, Ryan Early, stops by to give us the Top 5 teams in the NFL, and while he puts the Cowboys in the top spot, much to Jason’s chagrin, he doesn’t sound all that excited about them.prescott points to the sky

While there has been significant change in Ryan’s Top 5, the Bottom 5 has remained pretty consistent. Jim and Johnny argue the case that, at this point, the 49ers are worse than Browns because…well, we’ve had to watch them.

Ryan also shares his thoughts on head coaches that are most likely to get the axe this season. There are some surprises on the list.

Finally, we talk a little Fantasy Football and which players you should target to keep for the long haul and which players really might be doomed to mediocrity.

Episode 52, hitting you like Patrick Willis circa 2012.Willis

Ah, 2012! The 49ers were good, our President-elect wasn’t a self-professed sexual predator, Johnny wasn’t in surgery…the good ol’ days.


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