Ep 53: Is 2016 over yet?

Episode 53 comes in right before the ball drops on one of the worst years in recent memory but our NFL/Legal expert, Ryan Early, and friend of the program, Darren Spencer drop by to help make the season bright…or, at least, brighter.

Darren tells us why University of Oregon Ducks’ fans might be happier in 2017, as the hiring of Willie Taggart brings renewed enthusiasm and an already better than expected recruiting class.

We then take a hard look at the recent decisions of Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey to sit out meaningless Bowl games. It makes perfect business sense to us but how will it sit with fans and teammates? Further, does it add more to the strengthening narrative that fans are growing more comfortable with players treating football like an inhumane meat grinder?

We then round table Sportsperson of The Year? Is it America’s Olympic Hero, Michael Phelps? Mystic Mac, the mouth of MMA? King James? Or, Theo Epstein?

All of that, plus Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Muhammad Ali and more…


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