Ep 54: The return of the Butcher Shop

After a prolonged absence, the Butcher Shop team comes back with Episode 54 and a few changes.
We’ve lost Jim, and not just to apathy. He’s continuing his education: a decision Jason and Johnny fully support. To replace him, we’ve brought back the legendary Karl Sigel, formerly of the Karl Show starring Jason and Karl brought along a sidekick, Will Reno, to help get the job done.
After kicking off some ring rust, we welcome our NFL insider, Ryan Early to the show to discuss NFL coaching changes. He ranks the top 5 coaching hires and let’s just say Johnny was ecstatic.
We also talk top NFL Free Agents and we were all a bit surprised at Ryan’s top free agent.
Cousins has been fantastic -- in the right situation. (USATSI)
We then take on the battle of Barkley and LeBron which took quite a personal but entertaining turn. Is LeBron whiny or does Sir Charles lack self-awareness?
Image result for lebron and barkley
And finally, we give you our Super Bowl LI picks and the only consensus is not New England….again.
Image result for Tom Brady crying
All chopped up and more…


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