Ep 55: Meanwhile, back at The Hall of Bullshit…

It’s a full shop on this episode as Karl Sigel, Darren Spencer and Will Reno are all back on the show to chop up a plethora of topics:

– a discussion of the Charles Oakley/James Dolan Madison Square Garden flap turns into an examination of whether or not New York has maintained its relevance on the 21st Century sports landscape.

– if he joins the Lakers’ front office, is Kobe’s killer instinct something that can be taught to their squad of young lions?

– if this is a lost season, should the Blazers consider moving Damian Lillard or C.J. McCollum?

– And the Lords of Football have decided once again to keep T.O. on the outside looking into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Should his reputation as a bad teammate outweigh his on-the-field accomplishments? And what makes a HOFer anyway?

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