Ep 56: All of this football is giving me a headache

Sure, it’s March, and things are mostly quiet on the NFL front but the Butcher Shop needed to chop up NFL’s winners and loser of free agency with our NFL/Legal Expert, Ryan Early.

Ryan gives his views on the teams that made the biggest splashes in free agency and tells us why some of the NFL’s biggest names still are looking for work.

Plus, is Colin Kaepernick being blackballed or is he really not a top 64 quarterback anymore? Our thoughts may surprise you.

We also rant and rave with what’s wrong about the NFL; from the CTE settlements to the greed of NFL owners and the ineffectiveness of the NFL Players Union and then there is this…


Why in the hell should Oakland support this team for the next three years while the Las Vegas Raiders wait for a new dome in Las Vegas? They’ll be a damn good team but they won’t be your team for long.

Plus, Johnny tries to introduce a new segment called “Johnny was right,” but there weren’t many takers.  Still, Johnny tells you why he was high on the Ducks going to the Final Four and why he thought the Blazers swindled Denver in getting a 22 year old, Jusuf Nurkic.

All of this AND Jason’s kids love the Blazers and this breaks Jason’s heart.

Here we go…

Butcher Shop

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