Episode 57: The Preacher collects on his bets…

Last time we had Keith Hill on the podcast, he was still a radio personality on 1080 AM, The Fan, and we were chopping up UFC 205. Six months later, Keith has walked away from his weekly show, is dedicating more time to ministering and family, and has gotten back to being a sports fan and not a journalist.

Some things haven’t changed; Keith still has plenty of sports opinions and loves collecting bottles of bourbon from Johnny. Thankfully, he was in the mood to share opinions and brown liquor.

Keith, Karl, and Johnny chop up what triple doubles mean in today’s NBA and if Russell Westbrook’s accomplishments deserve the attention they’re receiving.

Keith also makes a shocking prediction about the upcoming series between Golden State and our beloved Portland Trailblazers. So shocking that even Blazer loyalists won’t believe it.

In our “Who You Got” segment, we pick our NBA MVPs, Coach of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and NBA Champion.

Plus, Keith uses his old sports media sources to break a couple of big NW sports stories about the futures of Jusuf Nurkic and Marshawn Lynch.

Easily one of the most action-packed podcasts we’ve done.

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