About Us

Jason Lamb – Host
Jason Lamb is the kind of player who acts like he’s been there before, even though he hasn’t and never will be. He’s the co-host of the Karl Show! (starring Jason) podcast on the Funemployment Radio Network, host of the Movies in Black & White screening series at Portland’s Hollywood Theatre and co-producer of the monthly stand-up comedy show Minority Retort. The guys he used to play hoop with called him “Ason” (because he had no “J”), but that’s OK. He’s more than satisfied to set up others for the big shot. The Butcher Shop is no different. He believes that until the NBA does right by Seattle, everything they think about is going to crumble.

Johnny Useldinger – Co-host 
Johnny Useldinger has all the tools of a great, headhunting, middle linebacker but he has zero motor if he can’t find the right motivation. Johnny has written for such websites as NFLtalk, and Draftsharks.com and in the first part of the millennium appeared as a radio guest on multiple sports channels. He left all of that behind to propel himself to the bottom end of the middle in corporate America where he struggles to not fumble his soul to the opposition. The Butcher Shop is ignoring the awful reputation, the penalties, and the suspensions, in hopes he can discover what once made him a moderately interesting prospect. Somewhere an ex-coach just guffawed.

Jim Anderson – Producer/Engineer
Every great team needs a Swiss Army Knife; that guy with multiple talents. You can think of a great utility infielder who can cover short or play second but Jim Anderson can literally cover short while playing second. Jim  is our producer, but he is our sound engineer, our phone engineer, our recording engineer, and a great “On Air” contributor. He’s also the youngest player on an aging roster.

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